International and Undocumented Students
Registration Process
Student Application Process
Need Analysis Process
Packaging and Awarding
  Need Access can be used to determine financial need for all of your students.

Applicants without an SSN can complete the application and provide income from any source (both inside and outside the U.S.). You can build custom questions or select from our extensive library to collect any data you need to make your awarding decisions. That’s data you can use to make sure school-based aid gets to the students who need it most. Need Access makes it easy to identify eligible students and package funds.

In-State Tuition and Grants for Undocumented Students
Is your school in a state that allows undocumented students that meet certain residency requirements to qualify for in-state tuition rates and/or institutional-based aid? Are you, collecting that information manually? Need Access can make this process easier and more efficient.

Students and their families can complete an online application and the data is available to your office in real-time for packaging. There’s no data entry or paperwork required on your end.

Need Access can also be used to collect income and asset information similar to the FAFSA from undocumented students and their families for consideration in awarding state and private need-based grants in states that allow it (such as CA, TX, and NM, for example). Check with the education authority in your state for information on financial aid for undocumented students.

Once the students apply, you simply login to review their applications and package the funds electronically. It’s that easy!

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